Plan Options

2023-2024 Dining Plans

Meal plans offer convenience, variety, and savings to your campus experience. We offer plans for resident and commuter students as well as faculty and staff members. Need a quick take-out option? All meal plans come with Flex Dollars to be used at Devil’s Den, ZIME and Starbucks which each offer Take-Away options.

For those with class conflicts, an internship, or an off-campus job that interferes with your ability to eat in the dining hall, arrangements for a box lunch can be made in advance by calling 860 832-3797.

Below are our plan options for the 2023-2024 school year.

Designed for convenience, meal plans are loaded directly onto your student ID. Meal swipes are for use at the all you care to eat style, Residence Dining Hall.  Flex dollars are specifically used for purchases at any of our on campus dining locations including Devil's Den, Zime, and Starbucks, where meal swipes are not accepted.  Blue Chip dollars are a campus currency accepted at all on campus dining locations as well as elsewhere on and off campus.

All students living on campus must have a resident meal plan. Freshmen are required to select from the Blue Devil Essential or the Blue Devil Essential Plus. Transfer students and upperclassmen may chose from any of the resident meal plan options. 

2023-2024 Meal Plans (pricing per semester):

Blue Devil Essential $2627
Unlimited Meal Swipes| $100 Flex Dollars

Blue Devil Essential Plus $2727
Unlimited Meal Swipes | $150 Flex Dollars | $50 Blue Chip

Blue Devil Value $1876
10 Meal Swipes per week | $400 Flex Dollars

Blue Devil Basic $1446
75 Meal Swipes per semester | $600 Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars expire at the end of each semester, they will not roll over into the following semester.

Fees for Full-Time Students

The following are offered to Commuters, Faculty & Staff ONLY

25 meal Swipes $257 per semester at our all you care to eat dining locations 

50 Meal Swipes $482 per semester at our all you care to eat dining locations 

Commuters may also choose from any of the Residential packages as well.

To purchase a plan, click HERE. For assistance purchasing a meal plan, please reach out to Residence Life at 860.832.1660 or

Flex Dollars are Tax-Exempt funds that are loaded onto your CCSU ID Card and used only at CCSU Retail Dining locations, such as Devil's Den Food Court, Zime, and Starbucks. Flex Dollars are added at the beginning of every semester and cannot be re-loaded. Flex Dollars expire at the end of each semester and do not roll over from Fall to Spring semester.